Being wrong is an integral part of our lifestyle and culture, so why get bent out of shape over it?

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Coming to terms with laughing at something that may have hurt someone else.

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Sitting down and discussing change on a global scale has forced us to learn to let go of the past together.

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New money, who dis?

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Poster offering reward for info on Seth Rich’s murder via Popville

Consider this my official stance on all things having to do with religion, politics, or otherwise.

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As far as religion goes, what even is that?

There is a difference between questioning those in power with a healthy level of skepticism, and sheer, unblinking, paranoiac irrationality.

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In the past when I was presented with 9/11 conspiracy theories, I embraced them with mild curiosity. Times have changed.

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Recognizing those who fought to keep us informed and keep us together under lockdown, even when they had no idea what they were talking about.

To the conspiracy theorists,

Society is changing whether you like it or not. Now isn’t the time to remain silent.

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Syd Ghan

Humorous social commentary given with the best intentions.

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